Swimming Pool Waterfall Spray Fountain - 7-Color LED Sprinklers for Above In Ground Swimming Pool, Pond Spa Pool Aerator Cooler

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AMHOOEN Pool fountain for above and in-ground pools, with 7 color LED light flashing, turning your pool into the eye-catching corner, pool waterfall sprayer, adjustable waterfall pool sprinkler fountain for cooling & spa relaxation, keep your swimming oasis refreshing all year long with this simple but effective gadget! If you want a strong powerful spray it will be dependent on your pool pump! 0.75HP sand pump injection distance up to 10 meters, 0.1HP/1000 gallons / 80W ordinary filter pump (HP = 80/745.7) injection distance of about 4 meters, 0.02HP/530 gallons / 15W ordinary filter pump can not be sprayed at all. It is recommended that you use a filter pump of at least 0.2hp and above.

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